Intensiv Ortho-Strips Double Sided Set

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Oscillating diamond strips for the bilateral interdental reduction of the tooth size in orthodontics stripping.

Product description:

  • Flexible strips, double-sided diamond coating
  • Contains an assortment of 6 oscillating strips:
    • 8μm strips for opening
    • 80μm strips for enamel reduction
    • 60μm strips for enamel reduction
    • 40μm strips for enamel contouring
    • 25μm strips for enamel finishing
    • 15μm strips for polishing


To be used in combination with Intensiv Swingle

  • Opening of the interdental contact points
  • Widening of the interdental spaces in orthodontics by bilateral tooth size reduction
  • Elimination of minor crowding and treatment finishing in orthodontics
  • Bilateral proximal enamel polishing


  • Efficient opening of the interdental contact points
  • Rapid and controlled enamel reduction
  • Proximal contouring, finishing and polishing of both adjacent teeth in a single procedure
  • Safe to patient lips
  • Fully autoclavale

Set of 6