Intensiv Ortho-Strips Kit (Contra-Angle Handpiece with Light)


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Intensiv Swingle Professional Kit – Contra-Angle with light: Ref WG-69 LT

Calibrated and efficient stripping in orthodontics!

As part of orthodontic treatments, very many cases are documented treated through interproximal space gaining by stripping (IPR). A precise, calibrated reduction of approximal enamel parts is carried out protocolled step by step, assuring maximum safety. A finally well performed finishing and fine polishing contributes to healthy conditions of the treated teeth.

The dual contra-angle Intensiv Swingle for application with oscillating Intensiv Ortho-Strips The contra-angle Intensiv Swingle combines both functions:

– free axial rotating of the strip, being applied with finishing and polishing of prepared surfaces.

– fixed axial position (12 positions at each 30° within 360°) for exact positioning of the strip, being applied in the resolution of the contact point and for enamel reduction.

Product description:

  • Contra-angle with integrated water spray and light.
  • Stroke 0.9mm.
  • 20.000 oscillating movements with 40.000 rpm.
  • With toggle switch to choose free moving or fixed position of strips.
  • 12 different axial fixed positions on 360°.
  • Strip ejector and cleansing needle (water spray canals) are included in delivery.


  • Interproximal space creation by stripping according to the protocol IPR (InterProximalReduction) in orthodontic treatments
  • Finishing and final polishing of the treated dental surfaces


  • Safe, efficient and precise interproximal enamel reduction as part of orthodontic treatment
  • Easy, controlled opening of the contact points
  • Homogeneous and smooth surfaces of the treated teeth
  • Pleasant application equally for dentist and patients
  • For Intensiv Swingle a two-year warranty is granted
  • Sterilizable

Kit includes:

W&H Synea oscillating contra-angle handpiece with light, Ejector, Nozzle polisher plus one of each of Intensiv Ortho-Strips System (opening 8µm, polishing 15µm, fine 25µm, medium 40µm, coarse 60µm, extracoarse 80µm)