iPremium Plus™ Buccal Tubes

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• Manufactured in the U.S.A.

• The iPremium Plus™ tube is a Modern and advanced buccal tube delivering patient comfort, treatment simplicity and chair time reduction.

• It has a contoured steel base, with a mesh of 80 microns to improve the adhesion to the tooth.

• The tube body has a trumpet-like opening on the mesial side to facilitate alignment and insertion of the arch while a notch for additional anchorage and auxiliary attachment is provided on the distal side.

• The iPremium Plus™ tube includes an indicator notch on the base for anatomical alignment as well as gingival / occlusal positioning guides. In addition, the tube includes a mesial / distal indentation on the
facial surface to aid in placement during the cementing process.

• iPremium Plus™ tube is available in large base and small base.

• Pack of 10.

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.022 Roth, .022 MBT


Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Right, Lower Left

Base Type

Large Pad 1st Molar 6, Small Pad 2nd Molar 7