Smart Line® Active Self-Ligating Brackets Kits

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• Manufactured from strong 17-4 stainless steel by using Metal Injection Moulding technique (MIM).

• Low profile design with smooth rounded facial contours to optimise patient comfort.

• Reliable integral clip produced using high quality nickel alloy to provide resiliency and durability.

• 80 gauge foil mesh base for greater bond strength.

• Identification System by quadrant with four different permanent colour codes.

• Ample under tie-wing area for application of elastomeric chains.

• Accurate slot structure and superior lustrous surface finish for improved sliding mechanics.

• Kits Of 20.


Fully interactive bracket system that gives control for each phase of treatment

Passive Phase

During levelling and alignment.

Using round wires .014″, .016″or .018″.

The wires are to slide freely into the slot with reduced friction and enhanced sliding mechanics.

Interactive Phase

During space closure and rotational control.
Using square wires .018″ x .018″ or .020″ x .020″.

The wires are to be seated into the base of the slot without making contact with the clip.

Active Phase

During finishing and detailing.
Using rectangular wires .018″ x .025″ or .019″ x .025″.

The wires are to extend beyond the slot to fully engage the clip and provide active control.


Opening Technique

1. Place the opening tool into the opening on the clip of the bracket interface.

2. Pull gently straight down applying controlled force to avoid accidental removal of the clip.

Closing Technique

 1. Apply light pressure to seat the archwire in the slot base by using finger pressure or a ligature director.

2. Using light finger pressure, press upward and inward to close the clip.

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.022 Roth, .022 MBT

Kit Type

5-5 Hooks on 3,4,5's