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Orthodontic Aligner Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories for clear aligners including attachments, bonding materials, interproximal stripping systems and orthodontic instruments.

Archwires & Wire Products

We offer you all types of materials and forms for orthodontic archwires including Nickel Titanium, Stainless Steel, Beta Titanium and Copper Nickel Titanium.

Self-Ligating Orthodontic Brackets

We offer high quality, competitively priced self-ligating bracket systems in a variety of styles.

Orthodontic Burs & IPR

We offer a wide range of our long-lasting burs and interproximal stripping systems.

Aesthetic Orthodontic Brackets

We offer high quality, competitively priced aesthetic orthodontic bracket systems.

Dental Photographic Mirrors

We offer you a variety of styles of dental cheek retractors, lip retractors & dental photographic mirrors.

Orthodontic Instruments

We provide a variety of popular designs of hand crafted orthodontic instruments including pliers and hand instruments made with precession and ergonomics in mind.

Orthodontic special offers

Hu-Friedy's Clear Collection for Clear Aligners
Hu-Friedy Lingual Debonding Pliers 678-709
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Hu-Friedy's Clear Collection for Clear Aligners
Hu-Friedy Lingual Debonding Pliers 678-709
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Your A-Z Supplier in Orthodontics

A-Z Orthodontics is a UK supplier of orthodontic products, consumables and specialised innovative solutions to orthodontists and dentists with special interest in orthodontics. The company offers a comprehensive range of orthodontic supplies including
orthodontic brackets systems / self-ligating brackets, low profile buccal tubes, orthodontic contoured molar bands, light cure bonding materials, high performance orthodontic archwires, medical grade tear-resistant orthodontic elastomeric, dental
photography aids, dental photographic mirrors, orthodontic adhesives, orthodontic IPR, Aesthetics & Short-Term Orthodontics, patients care accessories as well as handcrafted pliers and instruments.

A-Z Orthodontics puts orthodontic professionals at heart and strives to deliver genuine personal service. The company
understands that clinicians needs and choices are different. Thus, A-Z Orthodontics brings to doctors diverse lines of products exclusively also forges close partnerships with key orthodontic suppliers to deliver on both quality and value for money.

A-Z Orthodontics is a distributor of leading USA manufacturers of state-of-the-art clinical solutions. Over and above the company markets high quality competitively priced orthodontic products under A-Z Orthodontics Smart Line®. 

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