Smart Line® Lingual Distal End Flush Cut Safety Hold Cutter – Heavy Wire

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Specific Features:

• Pliers are designed for larger wires.

• Allows the archwire to be cut flush with the distal end of the buccal tube eliminate patient discomfort resulting from archwire protrusion.

• Securely holds the cut portion of wire

• Cutting capacity:

Max .021″ x .025’’ (.55 x .64mm)

Min .016’’ (.40mm)


General Features:

• Longer handles for easier access to difficult to reach areas

• Smaller compact head design to accommodate the tightest space in the lingual area

• High Quality 410-420 corrosion resistant stainless steel

• Maximum performance Immunity-HS steel tips inserts.

• Diamond-honed cutting edges.

• Box joint design for increased stability.

• Ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

• Smooth rounded contours to ensure patient comfort.

• Stunning satin finish to reduce glare with attractive two-tone finish to give exceptional finishing details.

• Laser engraved part number and applicable archwire sizes for easy identification.

• All pliers are ultrasonically cleaned, lubricated and then tested with recommended wire sizes.

• Sterilisable.

• Sold individually.