Ultra-Etch™ Indispense® Syringe Refill 30ml (685)

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Ultra-Etch is s a viscous, 35% phosphoric acid solution. The optimum level of viscosity, along with use of the Blue Micro or Inspiral Brush tip, facilitates precision placement and superior control.

Ultra-Etch is viscous enough to prevent migration on a vertical surface. However, it can penetrate into the smallest fissures of occlusal surfaces due to physical and chemical properties which promote capillary action. The optimum viscosity maintains a thick enough layer to prevent premature drying. Etch rinses away quickly with air/water spray.

Ultra-Etch can be placed in any location. It works nicely for etching before bonding composites, sealants, or bonding adhesives.

  • Self-limiting
  • Penetrates smallest fissures but won’t migrate on a vertical surface
  • Increases bond strength and reduces sensitivity
  • Places precisely and rinses clearly
  • Rinses cleanly
  • Leaves no residue

30ml IndiSpense Syringe