ContacEZ™ IPR Strip System

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The ContacEZ IPR Strip System is an innovative interproximal reduction system that makes interproximal enamel stripping safe and accurate without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges. Designed for use with all types of aligners and other aesthetic orthodontic treatments. These flexible diamond strips curve and conform along the natural contours of the teeth to maximize patient comfort and safety.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic single-handed design
  • Provides optimal tactile control
  • Will not remove excessive enamel
  • Prevent sharp corners or subgingival ledges
  • Effective for anterior and posterior areas
  • Central opening for maximum visual perception
  • Saves chair-time
  • Will not cut lips or gums

Yellow IPR Starter – 0.06mm

– Single-Sided / Extra-Fine Diamond / Serrated
– Start to open the contact safely & easily with a serrated edge

Red IPR Opener – 0.12mm

– Double-Sided / Medium Diamond
– Open the contact and reduce enamel gently on two teeth

Dark Blue IPR Widener – 0.15mm

– Double-Sided / Coarse Diamond
– Widen interproximal spaces and reduce enamel efficiently

Green IPR Extra-Widener – 0.20mm

– Double-Sided / Coarse Diamond
– Further widen interproximal spaces safely for ideal alignment

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Yellow Starter 0.07mm, Red Opener 0.12mm, Blue Widener 0.15mm, Green Extra-Widener 0.20mm