Intensiv Ortho-Strips Double Sided

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Oscillating diamond strips for the bilateral interdental reduction of the tooth size in orthodontics stripping.

When opening the interdental space and reducing, finishing and polishing enamel in orthodontics, care must be taken to avoid grooves and scratches. It is also important to proceed systematically, following a coarse-to-fine sequence in selecting grits. Unlike manual strips, the Intensiv Ortho-Strips System provides rapid, controlled enamel reduction followed by polishing without unnecessary removal of healthy tooth substance.

Product description:

  • Flexible strips, double-sided diamond coating
  • 6 different grits:
    • 08 μm serrated strips for opening of interdental contact points
    • 80μm perforated strips for enamel reduction
    • 60μm strips for enamel reduction
    • 40μm strips for enamel contouring
    • 25μm strips for enamel finishing
    • 15μm strips for polishing


To be used in combination with Intensiv Swingle

  • Opening of the interdental contact points
  • Widening of the interdental spaces in orthodontics by bilateral tooth size reduction
  • Elimination of minor crowding and treatment finishing in orthodontics
  • Bilateral proximal enamel polishing


  • Efficient opening of the interdental contact points
  • Rapid and controlled enamel reduction
  • Proximal contouring, finishing and polishing of both adjacent teeth in a single procedure
  • Safe to patient lips
  • Fully autoclavale

Pack of 3

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Orange Opening 8µm, Yellow Polishing 15µm, White Finishing 25µm, Red Contouring 40µm, Brown Reduction 60µm, Blue Reduction 80µm