S3™ Europa II (Damon Compatible) Posted Stainless Steel Archwires

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• Damon Compatible form archwire.

• Manufactured in the U.S.A.

• Medical grade 304v stainless steel wire. This ensures an end product high in quality and consistent in performance.

• Bright, smooth, flat surfaces.

• Use in sliding mechanics for extraction space closure and in non-extraction Class II cases.

• Use with elastics or closed coil springs.

• The straight stainless steel posts have .030’’ silver soldered brass posts. The post is 5.5mm in length.

• Sizes are available in increments of 2mm. Selecting the proper size is achieved by measuring along incisal edge from distal of lateral to distal of opposite lateral with a millimeter ruler.

• Pack of 10.

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.019 x .025

Arch Size

22MM, 24MM, 26MM, 28MM, 30MM, 32MM, 34MM, 36MM, 38MM, 40MM, 42MM