Perfect A Smile® Aligner Pontic Paint

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Sold In 4gm Jars



Quick and economical aesthetic solution in cases with a lack of a piece or more with aligners.

  • Light cure paste
    • Applies smoothly to clear aligner sockets
    • Translucent to match enamel
    • High elasticicty modulus
  • Will not crack or splinter
  • Bonds to any clear aligner
    • Quick and economical
  • Same day fix
  • No doctor chairtime
  • No lab fees or delays
  • Complete in-office system
    • Easy temporary bridge

Clinical Applications:

  • Eliminates flippers
    • Temporary restorations
  • Congenital, trauma
  • Pre-pontic, peg laterals
  • Grafting, implants
  • Space maintenance
    • Aesthetic restorations
  • Single tooth
  • Partial arch

4 gm

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B1 Light, A2 Medium, A3.5 Dark