Smart Line® Ceramic Bracket Kits


Sold In Kits Of 20




• Manufactured by Ceramic Injection Moulding technique (CIM).

• Made from high quality polycrystalline alumina.

• Impervious to stains and dis-colouration. Clarity remains throughout the treatment.

• Smooth, strong and contoured corners to provide maximum patient comfort.

• Ample tie-wing are for easy bracket ligation

• Accurate slot design to enhance sliding mechanics.

• Unique base design providing shear bond strength and predictable de-bonding.

• Identification system with colour code for easy bracket selection.

• Kit of 20.

Additional information


.022 Roth, .022 MBT

Kit Type

5-5 Hooks on 3's, 5-5 Hooks on 3,4,5's