Smart Line® Metal Brackets Individuals

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• Manufactured from strong 17-4 alloy by using Metal Injection Moulding technique (MIM).

• Low profile mini design with ample under tie-wing area to allow easy ligation.

• Accurate slot structure and superior lustrous surface finish.

• Smooth rounded facial contours to ensure patient comfort.

• Centre Scribe line to ensure accurate bracket placement.

• 80 gauge foil mesh base for greater bond strength.

• Torque in base for improved finishing.

• Identification System by quadrant with four different permanent colour codes.

• Pack of 10.

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.022 Roth, .022 MBT


Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Right, Lower Left


Central 1, Lateral 2, Incisors 1 2, Cuspid 3 with hook, 1st Bicuspid 4, 1st Bicuspid 4 with hook, 2nd Bicuspid 5, 2nd Bicuspid 5 with hook