Smart Line® Mono Crystalline Sapphire Brackets Kits


Sold In Kits Of 20




• Full Clear Sapphire.

• Low Profile Design.

• Stain Resistant.

• Reinforced Hooks on Cuspids and Bicuspids.

• Kit of 20.


Perfect Aesthetics

Superior clarity and flawless bracket system. Made from pure monocrystalline sapphire for a bracket system with the highest transparency available for outstanding aesthetics. Nearly invisible against any tooth shade and stays crystal clear without staining.

Bond Base

Unique Double Fusing Method (DFM). The bonding base is coated with melted aluminium oxide spheres creating numerous undercuts that mechanically lock with the bracket adhesive. This process ensures for secure retention during the length of treatment and provides predictable debonding at the end of treatment.

Patient Comfort

Low profile design with rounded, smooth corners for added patient comfort. The tie-wings are ample for easy bracket ligation also, exceptionally strong and highly resistant to fracture.

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.022 Roth, .022 MBT

Kit Type

5-5 Hooks on 3,4,5's