Smart Line® Passive Self-Ligating Brackets Individuals

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• Manufactured from strong 17-4 stainless steel by using Metal Injection Moulding technique (MIM).

• Low profile design with smooth rounded facial contours to optimise patient comfort.

• Identification System by quadrant with four different permanent colour codes.

• Ample under tie-wing area for application of elastomeric chains.

• Accurate slot structure and superior lustrous surface finish for improved sliding mechanics.

• Packs of 5.


Truly passive bracket system that performs as smoothly as it looks

Positioning Gauges

Removable positioning gauges on anterior brackets 3-3 to assist in brackets placement.

Sliding Door

Offers full slot coverage for the entire mesial-distal width of bracket. The closed door will create a fourth solid wall contact for better rotational and torque control to achieve efficient treatment and predictable finishing. The unlocked door will stay open on the lower brackets without dropping down, hence archwire changing becomes faster and more convenient.

Unique Base

80 gauge foil mesh bracket creates an optimum pad to tooth fit for greater bond strength. The bracket base has permanent ID laser marking for easy reference of the quadrant and tooth number.

Easy to open

1. Insert the opening tool flat end horizontally into the notch on the sliding door of the bracket interface.

2. Twist the instrument simply clockwise/counter clockwise 90°.

Easy to close

1. Apply light pressure to seat the archwire in the slot base by using finger pressure or the bracket tool wire director end.

2. Using this tool end or light finger pressure, slide the door upward to close securely.

Smart Line® Self-Ligating Opening Tool


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.022 Low Torque, .022 Standard Torque, .022 High Torque, .022 Roth, .022 MBT


Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Right, Lower Left


Central 1, Lateral 2, Incisors 1 2, Cuspid 3 with hook, 1st Bicuspid 4 with hook, 2nd Bicuspid 5 with hook