StripFIX IPR Diamond Strip System

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• StripFIX finishing strip system makes working with diamond strips easier and more controlled.

• The white serrated-edge strip is not diamond coated. It is used to open proximal contact points.

• The system can be used with a handle or without. The handle is sold separately.

• Used for reducing interproximal enamel during orthodontic procedures.

• A user-friendly, ergonomic handle with special grip recess ensures enhanced control for reliable use of the StripFIX finishing system.

•The click-plug system enables easy, quick replacement of the diamond strip holders.

• The swivel-mounted diamond strip holders can each be locked in 4 positions. This ensures that the optimum working position (angle) of the diamond strip is fixed to enable easy access to the anterior and posterior teeth in the oral cavity.

• Perforated design assists in debris removal and provides improved visibility.

• Single-sided strip.

• Grit: Blue 45μm, Red 30μm and Yellow 15μm.

• Autoclavable.

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White Serrated 0.04mm, Yellow Super Fine 0.08mm, Red Fine 0.10mm, Blue Standard (Medium) 0.13mm